FDANCE is the brainchild of Rebecca A. Ferrell and serves as an outlet for creative process, a platform for performance curation, producing, and representation for artists within the field of dance.


Rebecca A. Ferrell, a native of Richmond, Virginia, is a dance advocate, educator, choreographer, curator, producer, manager and performer. She holds a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University. Her teaching appointments have included ASU Dance, VCU Dance, and numerous appearances as a guest artist along the East Coast. As an advocate for the arts, Rebecca has served as Director of the VA Dance Symposium, Co-Producer of the Richmond Dance Festival, and a Dance Critic for GayRVA and RVA Magazine. She is currently the Director of Public Relations and Engagement, Lecturer, and the Director/Curator of the Flatlands Dance Film Festival within the Department of Dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In her spare time she enjoys baking cupcakes, sipping bubbly, and traveling the world with her partner in crime, Charlie Maybee.

Artist Statement

As an intervention performance artist, I create experiences that are participatory, unpredictable, and potentially scandalous. I achieve this most frequently by situating private experiences in public spaces. My artistic work blurs the line between reality and performance, and as a potential outcome, reveals to audiences the performative in their personal realities. I am intrigued by truth, lies, and the uncomfortable moments in which this duality is negotiated in personal exchange.

Also…. I like to get naked on stage and exploit myself and my exes.